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Anthony Imanlihen

As the Treasurer, Anthony is responsible for the oversight of all council financial aspects.  The Treasurer coordinates membership dues, fees and fines.

About Me
Class of 2016
Major: Community Health - Rehabilitation
Organization: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.


Anthony O. Imanlihen, Jr. or "TJ" as many know him, is a senior majoring in Community Health with a concentration in Rehabilitation.  TJ's passion is in the area of physical therapy.

TJ came to Illinois because he loved the home-like environment that he felt when visiting while in high school.  Both of his older brothers attended and graduated from Illinois, and they were instrumental in encouraging TJ to attend.

TJ is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., just like his older brothers who opened his eyes to fraternity life.  Seeing the great change in his siblings after having affiliated with the fraternity influenced him to look into joining.  Once he started doing his research on fraternities at Illinois, he discovered an interesting fact about the Sigma fraternity at Illinois.  TJ states, "The letter sigma is the summation of everything, and here at Illinois you can't categorize Sigma based on any one single aspect.  This particular characteristic about the fraternity spoke to me a lot as it is very hard to just put me into one category."  TJ's fraternity has helped him become a better person and opened his eyes to thinking differently and pushing people to achieve their best ability.  

On a related note, TJ ran for treasurer of the council as he feels that BGC has a lot of potential.  He believes that the organization needs people who are willing to push the whole council to their limits to achieve a greater goal.