About :: Executive Board

Officer Member
President Brianna Panton
Vice President Demetrius Dunbar
Secretary Ashanti Pulphus
Treasurer Reo Williams
Director of Public Relatons Vanity Harris
Chief Justice Kierra Williams
Council Advisor Alex Suñé
Email Office Hours
president.illinoisbgc@gmail.com Fri. 1pm-3pm
vicepresident.illinoisbgc@gmail.com Fri. 2pm-4pm
secretary.illinoisbgc@gmail.com Mon & Wed. 11:15-12:15
treasurer.illinoisbgc@gmail.com Mon. 12pm-2pm
publicrelations.illinoisbgc@gmail.com Fri. 12pm-2pm
chiefjustice.illinoisbgc@gmail.com Fri. 11-1pm
sune@illinois.edu By Appointment

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